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Jill Welch Photography/Cliff and Kristen Engagement/Callaway Gardens Photographer/Callaway Gardens Wedding Photographer/Columbus GA Wedding Photographer

May 9, 2011

May is definitely wedding month!  We were part of an awesome wedding last weekend held in a lovely, historic church and a lively reception held at the Marriott downtown.  If I could only get that bride to teach me her dance moves….   pics up next post.

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The  bride-to-be featured in these photos, Kristen, was in Columbus recently to check out her future home and to celebrate with fiance, Cliff, as he graduated from school at Fort Benning where they will live.  They met at a pub called “Happy Endings” and will begin a new life together as husband and wife this fall in Ohio.   Kristen just loves flowers, her mom said when she called to arrange their engagement session, so another shoot at Callaway was planned.   I can’t wait to see pics of Kristen in her gown with that gorgeous red hair flowing down her back.


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